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Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have become an indispensable tool for many internet users in order to:

  • Protect their privacy and anonymity on the internet
  • To secure their internet connection when using public Wi-Fi networks
  • To access overseas websites and web services such as Netflix, Home Box Office and streamed broadcasts of major sporting events that may be blocked to them by geographical restriction
  • To use BitTorrent and P2P networks anonymously without disclosing their real IP address
  • To bypass national firewalls operated by restrictive regimes that block access to sites like Facebook and Google.

In preparing this series of reviews we looked at 23 commercial VPN services which we culled down to one in order to extinguish the top vpn. We’ll add additional VPN reviews based on suggestions from our site visitors. To have your say click on the poll in the right sidebar or post a comment below.

VPN & InternetAll the services reviewed here are subscription based though some offer both free and paid services. In the process of reviewing VPN services it soon became clear that there was no overall winner that was better in every way but rather particular services excel in particular areas. For example some VPNs provide great anonymity while other offer fast network speed or are geared towards the needs of BitTorrent users.

TopVPNCanada is a Canadian-based company that offers an extensive VPN network covering 31 countries and 48 cities secured by 256 bit AES encryption and the OpenVPN protocol. Clients are available for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android and these were exceptionally easy to install and configure.

The clients differ in their features with the Windows client significantly more flexible than those for OS X and iOS and offering better anonymity as well. Download speeds over the VPN network were the fastest we tested though latency was less impressive. Security is of a very high order particularly when using the Windows client.

BitTorrent and P2P are permitted except on servers located in USA, Russia, Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong (China). Our only real disappointment was the level of support, which is available in Canadian office hours only. All plans offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited traffic, 256-bit encryption using OpenVPN and a browser anti-fingerprinting system to improve privacy and confidentiality.

Other platforms and protocols are possible with manual configuration and the use of additional software. Now that you know why you’re using a VPN and how to determine which ones offer the best speeds, the next step is to change the VPN server to reflect your needs.

TopVPNCanada’s server locations are broken down into three options. With locations in more than 94 countries around the world, you have all the options you need.…

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